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We source our produce from many local suppliers thereby reducing food miles which means a faster journey from ‘field to plate’. All meat is free-range and from grass-fed animals. We pay our farmers a fair price for a high-quality product.

Devon is one of the largest of the British counties in area, and third-largest in England. Our cafes tend to be a bit off the beaten track which can take a lot of time and fuel to get to. We have therefore centralised most of our distribution by creating a central warehouse and production kitchen at Halwell in Totnes.

Halwell is on a main road between Totnes and Dartmouth with easy access and we take deliveries of pallet loads saving significantly on transport resources.

Our central production kitchen at Halwell makes most of the food we serve. This includes making our own chicken burgers (using English chicken); all our own sauces and salads; 50,000 cakes and cooking three tonnes of chicken a year.

In fact, nearly everything on the menu is made at Halwell. This way we can guarantee the quality and consistency of our menu. This is then shipped to the cafes as needed all on one van.

Operating a central hub saves around 250,000 miles per annum, not only reducing environmental impact, but also supporting the local economy!