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This is a very major issue for the planet and even more so for beaches and oceans. We gave up plastic straws in 2000 and straws altogether in 2002. Since then, we have made great strides in eliminating all plastic packaging particularly PET & PLA.

All of our drinks are served in cans or home compostable cups.
We were amongst the first to be serving water in cans.

Our suppliers are now delivering drinks in cardboard boxes rather than plastic outers.

We use home compostable bin liners and cleaning scourers made from coconut fibres. Our sauce pots are paper or made from bagasse. Take away cutlery includes spoons made from avocado seeds!

2022 saw the introduction of fully home compostable packaging for all our 50,000 cakes we bake and sell and for cling film used in our cafes. Our sausage producer is now delivering in home compostable bags. We have finally found a home compostable vacuum pouch.

The Venus company has some amazing suppliers doing extraordinary things. Many are B Corp accredited and or environmental award winners.

Crisp packets are the scourge of beaches and the world. ‘Two Farmers’ produce delicious hand-cooked crisps using potatoes grown on their farm. They are the only crisp company in the UK to be using a 100% compostable packet to help protect the countryside.  Stunning environmentally friendly product and worth the extra cost.