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We are on a mission. We aim to operate the greenest beach café and shop operator, not an easy feat by any stretch. Since we launched our first outlet at Blackpool Sands in 1995, we decided that we wanted to have minimal impact on the environment, whilst working to enhance the beautiful spaces that we're fortunate enough to occupy. Here’s what makes The Venus Company unique:


This is a very major issue for the planet and even more so for beaches and oceans. Venus gave up plastic straws in 2000 and straws altogether in 2002. Since then, we’ve made great strides in eliminating all plastic packaging particularly PET & PLA. 

All of our drinks are served in cans or home compostable cups. The company was amongst the first to be serving water in cans. Our suppliers are now delivering drinks in cardboard boxes rather than plastic outers. We use home compostable bin liners and cleaning scourers made from coconut fibres. 2022 sees the introduction of fully-home compostable packaging for all our 50,000 cakes we bake and sell and for cling film used in our cafes. Our local sausage producer is now delivering in home compostable bags. 

We have some amazing suppliers doing extraordinary things. Crisp packets are the scourge of beaches and the world. ‘Two Farmers’ produce delicious hand-cooked crisps using potatoes grown on their farm. They are the only crisp company in the UK to be using a 100% compostable packet to help protect the countryside. Stunning environmentally friendly product and worth the extra cost.

We have never used polystyrene cups, instead opting for the most environmental cup available- now 100% fully compostable cup & lid. All cleaning materials are chlorine and phosphate-free based products. Take-away packaging has been designed to be plastic-free and compostable and for every plastic bottle bought in the cafés, a deposit of 50p is taken, to be paid back when the bottle is returned. We continuously campaign to educate the public about the effect of plastics on our coastlines and the oceans.


Taking care of the environment is an integral part of our business philosophy. We return cooking oil, all cardboard, food waste and glass for recycling and use energy efficient equipment and monitor co2 emissions. Our strong environmental awareness is why we were not only the first café company to be awarded The Queen’s Award for Sustainability 2005, but we received it a second-time round in 2010.


We source our produce from many local suppliers, as reduced food miles means a quicker journey from field to plate. We operate a central hub saving 250,000 miles per annum. This not only reduces environmental impact, but also supports the local economy. All meat is free range & from grass-fed animals. We pay our farmers a fair price for a quality product.


We contribute to many charities, including a recent donation of £2,400 to the Samaritans. We work closely with the AONB and the Marine Conservation Society including sponsoring the local screening of a documentary about the effect of plastics on the ocean - ‘A Plastic Ocean’.


To encourage regular beach cleans, The Venus Company supports Less Plastic and Surfers Against Sewage by providing free hot drinks to all volunteers. At our ‘Loving the Beach’ music festival, all stalls had an educational ethos, promoting environment friendly activities for the whole family.